Starfish Cadillac

by Raw Like Fish

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CRT Great album, great songs, no fail. I really like LOUD guitars, so I might be right here...
and the over-all-sound kept me listening steady! Favorite track: Thirteen eels into outer space.
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released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Raw Like Fish Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Very Qu!et
Thoughts create grotesque situations
fiction is alive, visits me at night
without patience but denial

Soft walls, so fall! need a f*ckin phone call
someone sent all these mummies right to me
scary, tiring torpidity
must be caused by the blue drops I swallowed
before dinner all alone in the big cafeteria

D.C. was passion! gave me satisfaction
but who sent all these mummies right to me?
lasting melancholy!
must be caused by the blue...

Thoughts create grotesque situations
fiction is alive, visits me at night
without patience but denial I try to rely on my eyes
then it´s all very quiet
Track Name: Zony
It´s a natural ability, a desire, a wish, a hug for love
but also hope of immunity against higher days&lower nights
It will last ´til infinity spoken lightly in love. but hard to realize
the weight of responsibility has also blown away the deal
supported by my weird insanity

So stay, keep me warm, come close or rest in peace
stay, one more moment of trust and clarity

Sweet taste of dreams, the waste of dreams
the chosen pain of chosen loveliness is twisting in exchange with the
feeling of pure relief all emotional stress that set me down
slowly killing disharmony around misunderstanding & dismay
couldn´t go on like I did that year, needed a break, needed air to breathe reality it´s tearing me, breaking me down, the decision that I´ve made
Track Name: Porcupine Overtime
Once there was a time when you were satisfied
luck ran like a golden thread through your day
you sadly lost your way, your weight, your worth

Wake up! it´s a beautiful morning
don´t load the whole world onto your back
wake up! make it a glorious morning
strike off necessities & debts

At least there was a fight, you felt like a porcupine
struggling through your crowded inner side
badly drawn choir girl a waked heart cries
reminds you of the likeliness to die

wading seas of honey, wading seas of honey
Track Name: Otion
Take a dive into the ocean
stroke by stroke small miracles occur, whil you´re drifting in reverse
the embracing element evokes the same emotion
I experienced with every sense surrounded by your arms
you´re safe

If the sky was falling you might be calling me
for an overwhelming deed

Being part of your devotion covers me with great fidelity & sovereignity
guided me through the sea to our island#joining silence from today

Awful wave, no escape, the storm keeps running in delay
a drifting wood os all I´m longing for
seems surreal the the certainty of a fearful end to come increases euphoria rise my arms, start grabbing the one thing to a dire

It´s a fabulous emotion, come with me, we´re riding rainboes fusing to an unity
Track Name: Scrambled Leggs
Leave your mind, far behind. feel free, uncoupled alive, I´ll tell you why
as time goes by
Freaks belong to the prosperous ridiculous elite of irreformable do-gooders? Fold your hands & pay homage to the gents
we were born to free the society from insanity feel serenity and freak out

Seek&Hide, freak inside
all the sould within my mind will leave me alone tonight

Distrust your eyes & realize your sanctuary laid waste
demonized, batch wise insight
Like me, I belong to the prosperous minority of freaks, us incredible do-gooders...Fold your hands...

no more aberration is it a godsend? no more limitation
but how to find a way to intend...but can i handle liberation?
Track Name: Quotes
money can´t buy you friends, but you get a better class of enemies
it can´t buy you happiness, but bring more pleasent forms of misery
money isn´t everything but a long way ahead of what comes next
the hardest thing to understand is income tax

economy is too late when you´re at the bottom of your purse
so please mile today, because tommorow may be worse
who wouldn´t give a 1000 bucks to be a millionaire?
money doesn´t talk, it even swears

So buy, buy when there´s blood in the streets
buy, even if the blood is your own
make a profit, come out ahead, what you deserve is what you get

Promises make debts & debts make promises! but when did the future switch from being promise to being a threat?
Track Name: Erion
Try to create a tone convert it with your microphone
so you might attract attention, shame dissonance remains, unrequested sound sustains, drags us down into isolation
in order to compound the auditorium´s sound you only have to turn your boosters up

Scream, spit on your self esteem, in every single dream you wish for some reality, shout out what it´s all about, we gotta get it loud, the crowd desires entire release

Surf on the wave of sound, leaders in the final round
the mob deserves your inspiration, bundle up your energies ´cause all you gonn do is scream, prepare for one more inhalation
finally we found the inherent passion to be loud

Nothing can break the silence, nothing can get me high
nothing can break the silence, nothing whatever I try
nobody can ever get me high
Track Name: Cobalt
I love love, I love the sunshine, brown coffee and black oil
I love plastic gloves I love to feel to hear to watch to smell the world around me I love gallons of fresh water regorging into the plug hole
I love war I love democracy & the freedom of expression
& I love the scars & all the four by fours comencing through the playstreets in suburbia & I love nostop flights for having beatiful dives in big down under

Help me, kill&deflagrate me, thrill absorb and rape me
scrape off this contaminated life, take a knife!

I love the globe, I love sneakers made by small hands in a taiwanese plant & I love the hope of salvation, reincarnation of the believe in immortality & I love god for forgiving me for the most atroctious fellocies
Track Name: En!gma
Dreams keep the secret of duality, they may satisfy or guide into tragedy
manly desire & the glowing wire lead to self denial & suicidal tendencies
female indecision can create an uncertainty
no love is a sage as it wouldn´t cause some jealousy
you can drive us to despair, oh yeah
beast or brilliant barbie doll compress your temper, rise and fall

define own borders, you can´t take on control
that´s no guarantee, rise and fall, define own borders

We are trying to advance with moderate demands invader to earn some honesty. but you put us in charge of soiling your philosophy
dismay is so deep, could I foresee, that my darling ain´t my enemy
oh we know that suppression is wrong & you´ve been ordered for so long

Bitter teen, lethargic man, branded by experience
won´t give away your heart or just believe in anyone, anymore
that´s what she swore male existence = sore
reaches ego-boost by disillusioning & blowing others
as the genders like to do supporting solitude
Track Name: Friendly Fire / Angry Water
Calm down, calm down, be patient & don´t reflect your action.
Come down, come down, aggressive moods would cause these tough reaction. denial, denial, must overcome this diverting temptations
rely, rely on your gift to blame facts&expectations

Cease your freindly fire & fight beside me
beware of mines and move on safely & please be aware of hidden traps everywhere you´ll get scared by their isolated minds

all the dying men suffer from there indence, they mde me a retarded man, they made me a departed man, a fist full of empowerment
chemicals are polluting the air, burning our areals down, let us despair
so put your finger on the trigger cause the stinger is our last defense, pull that trigger with your finger, it´s a long way to take bitter sweet revenge

Hello, hello, I´d rather die than suffer isolation
good bye good bye fuck off my friends enjoy intoxication
Track Name: Roads to Utopia
we all use to introduce essential fears to our way of life
we stay restless, demanding access to upper class within our hives
we´re afraid of being a mean part of a system we redeem, we keep on trying to develop personality.

It´s benn another fight, a further night after a horrifying day
a damn waste of time, all the mellow efforts stuck in uinsatisfying solutions and recalled my upsetting insights, but nevermind. I´m growing tall, each intention prevents a fall, one step back may help, so get this problem solved, because we all fail sometimes, we don´t refuse it

Defeats become useless, no doubts & no excuses
just keep on searching for roads to Utopia, but traveled too far
rank your faith loe, no more..

lead the right course wihtout remorse! back fill your fonks of sadelle your horse, be aware of your style. stay for a while, take off your blinders and you will arrive. who are you for true? wandering viewless, hunting in circles without a purpose, wandering objectless mentally molested & indisposed
we chose, we lose you´re bruised get back to Utopia find out the way that you are
Track Name: Thirteen eels into outer space
the ocean started to bore us deadly dullness arised
everlasting darkness, silent night
can´t see no prey & no raiders, blistering foes chose to hide
ascending from the bottom into the light

Striving after the firmanent black holes and pulsors heavily appeal
aspiring after the permanence eels into outer space

Bodies started mutating, grills and tins would regress
evolving into angels wings instead

We enjoyed levitation moving up through the air
overwhelming starlight everywhere & everything means anything
We survied emigration, we took every step
final destination, final trap..anything means everything

All goes down in a hyper supernove